Episode 9

Episode 9 has been uploaded onto the channel!! Who is their Uncle Laszlo?


And Tim, from the Starving Artists youtube group, sent in a wonderful picture of his calligraphy writing!


Anyone else have something they’d like to submit? You can email it to us at



~Admin 1



Quick update for everyone!

Firstly, we are now on Twitter! you can find us at @thesafanpage. So if you’re not on Google Plus you can go find us there.

Secondly, we have Admin Openings! Because we want to remain anonymous you will either have to talk to us via a private post on G+ or email us at with the heading “Admin Application”. You can tell us if you’d like to either admin the Blog (on here!), the Forums, or the Twitter.

And thirdly we have started “Quote Of The Week”s! We’ll be posting them on everything probably – although we might need more people on the fan forums before we start posting them on there.


And we have a challenge for you guys – how many friends are you able to introduce to the Starving Artists youtube channel? Let’s see if we can get their channel up to 100 subs by the end of March (that’s only 21 more people needed!)


~Admin 1